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(From the March 2015 Installation to the 2016 Installation)


Prior to the Installation and Investiture of the 2016-2017 Officers of Spry Lodge, on March 30th, 2016, V.W. Brother Dennis Daigle, the W.M. and the I.M., took a few moments to make some special Presentations;

R.W. Bro. Harry Anderson was presented with a pin and certificate to celebrate fifty (50) years as a Mason. The presentation was made on the level (from left to right in the photo below) with M.W. Bro. Ron Groshaw, V.W. Bro. Dennis Daigle (W.M.), R.W. Bro. Harry Anderson (fifty year a Mason recipient), W. Bro. Terry Anderson (son) and Bro. Eric Steele (Master Elect). R.W. Bro. Anderson holds the Craft with extreme veneration and was deeply moved by the presentation. Congratulations Harry!

Harry Anderson 50yh years a Mason presentation

Amongst the Officer changeover for the new Masonic Year, R.W. Bro. Paul Gower stepped down, after close to nine (9) years of dedicated service, as the Secretary of Spry Lodge No. 385. His commitment and zeal that has fueled Spry Lodge to be the outstanding lodge that it is, did not go unrecognized. V.W. Bro. Daigle presented Paul with a framed caricature on behalf of the members of the lodge.

Paul's Caricature presentation

The next presentation was to W. Bro. Eric Steele, the Master-Elect. V.W. Bro. Dennis Daigle presented Bro. Steele with a Master's Apron and a Gavel. He also made a presentation to Eric on behalf of Tammy, Eric's wife. The ceremony of Installation of the Master and the Investiture of the Officers then ensued, and a fine social repast followed, concluding an excellent evening for all.


On February 24th W. Brothers Drew Johnston and Tim O'Rourke and R.W. Bro. Paul Gower visited R.W. Bro Ed Boynton on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Ed is Spry Lodge's eldest member and over 60 years a Mason. His daughter Patricia flew in from Florida, his daughter Joan and son-in-law Ivan drove up from St. Mary's, and son V.W. Bro. John Boynton all joined Ed to celebrate this auspicious occasion. When asked how things are Ed's reply is always "Copacetic!"‎. Congratulations Ed!

Ed Bynton turns 90 Ed's 90th

Congratulations Ed!


At the regular meeting of Spry Lodge on February 22nd, Bro. Paul Beaton left no doubt in the minds of those present, that he was proficient in the S.D. of a M.M. Bro. Beaton's proof of proficiency in the 3rd degree was well timed, as it is expected he start his Masonic career through the officers chairs at next months Installation and Investitures.

Bro. Paul Beaton is shown below with his very proud sponsors; Bro. Eric Steele (Master-Elect) and V.W. Bro. Dennis Daigle (present W.M.).

Bro. Beaton Prooves in 3rd


Spry Lodge mourns one of its brightest and most respected members, W. Bro. Ronald (Ron) M. Farley, who passed to the Grand Lodge Above on December 4th, 2015. A respectful and proper Masonic Memorial Service was held on December 19th to honor this extremely well respected Brother.

R.W.Bro. Ronald M. Farley

W. Bro. Ron Farley was born in January 6th, 1930; Initiated May 16th 1988; Passed October 17th, 1988; Raised April 17th, 1989; and Master of Spry Lodge in 1997 and 1998.

We cherish his memory in our hearts.


On Saturday December 5th, 2015 the Officers and Members of Spry Lodge had the utmost pleasure of once again hosting the Widows of our departed Brethren. A highlight of our year and activities, this years function was held at the Tea Room of the Simcoe Manor, which served as a wonderful venue, being very accessible, bright, and friendly. Though a small function this year, the day afforded us the ability to pay proper respect to our Widows. The meal, well received, was provided entirely this year by Spry members, and their families. And the intimate setting allowed for a great deal of interaction, and pleasant conversation. The Widows all enjoyed the day, the meal provided, and the gifts they were presented with. Thank you to all the Brethren who helped make the day a success.


Thanks to the dedication and hard efforts of three (3) newer Spry Lodge members, Spry Lodge hosted a wonderful poker tournament on Saturday, October 17th. Brothers Kevin Capson, AJ Russo and Paul Berry did wonderful jobs of planning, promoting, selling tickets, organizing donations & volunteers, preparing for, and hosting the event, in addition to the necessary clean-up afterwards.

The doors opened at 3:00pm with the tournament scheduled to start at 4:00pm. However, a tragic accident in our community around 3:30pm resulted in a power outage which lasted until around 4:00am the next morning. As true Mason’s, and like our Brother’s before us, we adapted to the situation and rolled with it... poker was played mostly be candlelight and the Blue Jays game 2 of the ALCS against the KC Royals, was streamed live on a large projector screen thanks to the use of a generator provided by Mr. Dennis Prange.

Poker by window light Poker by window light
Generator on loan from Dennis Prange

Several draw prizes were awarded at the event, including a pair of Leaf tickets, a pair of Raptor tickets, a Texas Mickey (donated by Bro. Capson), and Alliston Trillium Ford generously donated a Gold Car Detailing Gift Certificate, which was won by Bro. Richard O'Connell from Barrie.

Bro. Kevin Capson Event Organizer

A further special thanks goes out to the lovely Ms. Amy Farrugia, who graciously volunteered to wait the event, without charge, and saved the event participants from having to be served by the 'grizzly Spry guys'.

In all, an estimated 45 people turned up for this very successful event, the proceeds of which were given to the Spry Lodge MasnoniCh.I.P Committee to fund future Child Identification Clinics (details). The event was also very successful as a Friend-To-Friend night, as the large majority of the invited participants were not Mason's and who expressed a lot of interest in the Craft. On behalf of the MasoniCh.I.P Committee, I sincerely congratulate Brothers Kevin Capson, AJ Russo and Paul Berry for a job exceedingly well done!

(If only the Blue Jays would have played with the same amount of dedication, commitment and zeal as the brothers of the Poker Ch.I.P Tournament Committee, we would have won the ball game that night for sure.)


On Sunday August 9th, twenty three Masons, family and friends paid tribute to V.W. Bro. Davey Todd with nine holes at the Ponderosa golf course, followed by lunch at The Muddy Water Hotel. V.W. Bro. Todd must have been looking down on us as we enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon and raised almost $900.00 towards the Lodge project. A special thanks to the sponsors of the silent auction, including Bro. Sheldon Kofsky, Marshall Fahl and Jim Allan, and to all of those who participated. It was a great time and we look forward to seeing this popular Lodge event continue to grow in the future.


At the regular meeting of Spry Lodge on June 22nd, 2015, two (2) new members were warmly welcomed into Spry Lodge No. 385: W. Bro. Dave Jevons, whose affiliation ballot was passed at the regular meeting in May; and Bro. Paul Beaton, who has patiently been waiting to be admitted into the Craft. Bro. Beaton is pictured below along with his sponsors; W. Bro. Dennis Daigle and Bro. Eric Steele.

Initiation of Bro. Beaton


The 2015 Beeton Honey & Garden Festival was once again blessed with a glorious sunny day with blue skies and comfortably warm temperatures. The festival rook place on Saturday May 23rd, 2015 and was the biggest and perhaps the busiest that I have ever seen.

Spry Lodge was pleased to host a MasnoniCh.I.P (Child Identification Program) clinic at the Festival for the sixth (6) year in a row. With the help of dedicated and committed volunteers (Masons and their families), along with Ms. Cindy Corporon (dental hygienist volunteer), and the fiscal support of Gower Gradall and Staples in Aurora, Spry Lodge was able to process seventy-nine (79) identification kits (child identification packages). This brings our running total of kits issued to 699. The parents and guardians who have taken advantage of this valuable service, which we provided free to the community, are now better prepared to provide vital information to the police services should their child ever go missing. A recently prepared ID kit of this kind is the most important tool in the quick and safe return of a missing child.

As up-to-date information is the key factor in these packages, we recommend that parents and guardians get updated kits each and every year, including throughout the teen years (as the number of missing reports filed for teens would shock most of you). Spry Lodge will continue to host this annual MasoniCh.I.P clinic at the Beeton Honey & Garden Festival, which is usually on the last Saturday in the month of May each year.

Group Shot MasoniChIP Big Tent
Demelo family of volunteers Dental & Lamination Stations
Digital fingerprints Volunteers Laura & Rory
Digital photo and video recording

A heartfelt Thank-You goes out to all of those who helped to make this clinic the great success that it is!


Spry Lodge No.385 put on the fifth Ultimate Trivia Night as a fund raising event on behalf of the District Project # 2568 with all proceeds going to the Simcoe Chapter of Canadian Cancer Society for Prostate Cancer.

The event was again held at the Muddy Water Hotel in Beeton on Wednesday March 25th. Sincere thanks go out to Kim Sarrugia, the owner of the Muddy Water Hotel, for again accommodating this fun event.

Musical entertainment was provided prior to the Trivia Challenge by W. Bro. Tim O'Rourke and Bro. Wes Martyn.

R.W. Bro. Doug Fleet, Spry Lodges newest honorary member, did an excellent job as the MC and quiz master, even with a failing voice.

Special mention goes out to those who also helped make things work smoothly that night; Ms. Kristen Johnson & Tyler, Bro. AJ Russo, Bro. Aaron Weston, W. Bro. Rory MacDonald and W. Bro. Jeff Johnson. Recognition is also extended to the generosity of all who participated in the event, with especial acknowledgement to Ms. Lisa Nicole for her very generous donation towards the project.

Congratulations go out to this year’s victorious team of know-it-all’s, which was a group of family and friends put in by Spry Lodges very own Bro. Gord Grieve.

A total of $1,260.00 was raised for the District project this evening and a lot of fun was had by all those who participated.

Trivia 1 Trivia 2Trivia 3 Trivia 4Trivia 5 Trivia 6Trivia 7 Trivia 8

Thanks to all that came out and made the night another great success that it was!


R.W. Bro. Edward (Ed) Bruce Boynton, the oldest member of Spry Lodge, was Initiated into the Craft on March 8th, 1955. This monumental milestone was celebrated in Spry Lodge on Saturday morning March 21st after the annual Installation & Investiture Ceremony of the Spry Lodge Officers. V.W. Bro. Lachland (Locky) Jack, a long time friend and Brother of R.W. Bro. Boynton, made a touching tribute and presented Ed with a sixty year pin as recognition of his sixty years of service to the Craft, accompanied on the level by V.W. Bro. John Boynton, R.W. Bro. Kennard Pratt, M.W. Bro. Ronald Groshaw and V.W. Bro. Dennis Daigle (shown below). After congratulations and Grand Honours, R.W. Bro. Boynton made a heartfelt and moving response.

R.W. Bro. Boynton Presented 60 year pin Ed & Locky


If you are a member of Spry Lodge and interested in receiving the summons electronically via e-mail, please download and submit the completed form to the secretary.

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Please feel free to contact us for any help or guidance in this regard.


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